"Fair Worlds 2019 Year in Review"


  • Editing


  • Fairworlds is an immersive agency creating VR and AR solutions to engage, entertain, and solve problems for brands.


  • Showcase the diverse and inventive work Fairworlds produced for their clients in 2019 while also displaying their unique brand.
  • Communicate the variety of applications Fairworlds has the ability to produce to attract clients of all types.


  • Visualizing VR/AR in video format and the connection between real world action and virtual outcomes.


  • Include all available footage of client work over the years ranging from high-production ad spots, screen captures, conference footage, and iPhone clips.
  • Disperse types of clips throughout to capture the diversity of work and kinetically on beat to the music like a dance.
  • Intermix real world footage with screen captures to effectively visualize the connection between real-world and virtual.
  • Use eccentric 1950's rock music to reflect Fairworld's mid-20th century World's Fairs brand voice