"Lost Weekend at NLand Surf Park"


NLand Surf Park


  • Editing
  • Assistant Camera


  • Lost Surfboards and NLand Surf Park teamed up to host a fun-filled weekend where guests could surf with pros Jett Schilling, Eli Hanneman, Eric Geiselman, and legendary board shaper Matt Biolos. The weekend consisted of live music by Tunnel Vision, great food, and a pro showcase.


  • Capture all the different aspects of the weekend
  • Showcase the wave's range of possibilities for advanced surfers and those who've never been to the beach
  • Highlight NLand's other offerings of high quality food, brewery, and live music
  • Display industry credibility to the wave pool and wave pool technology


  • Seeking to cement wave technology as a viable method of competition and as an incredibly useful training tool for beginners. Non-surfers may view the wave as intimidating after watching the pros and tell themselves "oh well I can't do that."


  • Intermix footage of pros and actual guests to showcase "you can do it too.
  • Include footage of NLand's high quality cuisine, brews, live music, and display the environment of the park.
  • Capture interviews from the pros about the wave pool and the impact wave pool technology will have on surfing in the macro. Show what can really be done on this wave.

About the Project

  • I was the editor and an assistant camera for this project. The majority of the footage featured was shot by Noah Alani. Shot on RED.
  • Much of this footage was repurposed for many short-form content pieces on social media in the months following the event.