"NLand Surf Park Is Back"


NLand Surf Park


  • Editing


  • NLand Surf Park was the first inland surfing destination in America. A 9 football field wavepool that produced waves for varying skill levels from 6 foot advanced waves to playful white water for those just starting out.
  • NLand's annual operating season ran from approximately March to mid-December.
  • NLand's market positioning was novice-intermediate surfer focused. They marked NLand as both an attraction and a place to hone your skills with consistent, repetitive waves. At NLand you get 30-35 waves in an hour whearas the ocean you may only get 5 great waves the whole day. They offered a coaching center where anyone could be taught by experienced instructors
  • NLand Surf Park was acquired by World Surf League (WSL) and Kelly Slater in January of 2019.


  • Build excitement and hype for landlocked surfers and everyday Austinites to paddle out again.
  • Create a piece of content built for social media engagement that encourages users to tag their friends saying "let's go!"


  • For non-surfers, NLand may have escaped recent memory during the closure of the winter months.


  • Use kinetic editing to create a high energy piece of content that is short, oddly satisfying, and easily digestible to share.
  • Although NLand was positioned for the everyday Austinite with novice-intermediate surfing experience, we wanted to focus on the super epic clips for this video even if they were on advanced waves since the edit was so snappy only lasting milliseconds per clip. Also creates an aspiration that at NLand you could do that.

About this Project

  • The role I played in this video was editing, which was central to the video as a whole. The footage was shot by Noah Alani at NLand's Lost Weekend a couple months prior. The highlight video for that event I edited can be found here.